Jan 17, 2006

Hoping for a miracle.

I'm progressing nicely with my contribution to the Red Scarf Project and now I'm in a full-on panic. I've completed 35 inches of scarf and I'm seriously running out of yarn. Better, more mathematically inclined, knitters than myself would probably do some fancy calculation and knw exactly how much yarn they need to finish but I just panic. I checked the Bernat website yesterday and I didn't see the yarn I'm using listed on it anywhere. Tonight, on my way home from work, I stopped at Michaels and AC Moore and not only did they not have the same yarn - there was nothing quite the right color. I could get some other color and do a stripe or something as if I meant for it to be this way but I just can't. I need it to be perfect! I'll just keep going tonight and hope that it all works out. I know they say that the scarves should be 60 inches but what are they going to do... send it back? It still looks really nice. The stitches are nice and tight and the pattern and the yarn are working well together - I just don't have enough of it. I think I need a miracle like the oil in the Channukah menorah that lasted for 8 days.

The real bummer of it is that my Socks That Rock arrived today and they are gorgeous. The yarn is so nice and soft - it's calling me relentlessly. I just want to sit down and dive in. It would do wonders to relieve my red scarf panic. Must be disciplined, must behave. I have no hope of finishing a pair of socks by 2/13 no matter what I do. Maybe I'll just start the socks a little tonight. Just a little taste - that's all.

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