Jan 25, 2006

Jaywalker roadblock

Last night was rather foul. I was happily knitting away when I realized that the stitches that would've been on needle 3 if I was doing the double-point thing were missing a few. I was doing the wrong decrease - duh! I felt so dumb. Anyway, it took me a really long time to fix it 'cuz I suck at repairs. Never-the-less I'm back on track and it's all good. I did a few rows at lunch and I can't wait to settle in for more tonight. I think that I'm getting to the point where I'll become fixated and unable to put it down. You know - when the end is in sight and you just-can't-put-it-down-until-you-finish.

I've been looking at some of Sock Bug's patterns and I'm trying to decide which one will become my Red Hot Sizzling Sock Project. I'm still looking for yarn too. Koigu? more Socks that Rock? Lorna's Lace? I need to find somthing really cool. A really deep red or variegated. Of course my Jaywalkers are red but is that cheating since I started them before I saw the KAL? I don't think so but I want to do more socks anyway. Besides I think that a some of these patterns will look super-cool with my Clarks if I can find the right yarn.

The other thing that made me crazy last night was that Lindsey finally found her order form. it was two days late! She handed it to Bruce and said that she was happy that she could go on the ski trip after all. Whoa! Not so fast. Do you know who will be cleaning her room on Sunday? I do. We need to have a long lesson in organization. I'm pretty sure that I can supervise this exercise while knitting. If not it will be one very long day.

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