Jan 30, 2006


I put off posting until now (when I really ought to be in bed) because I was hoping to have something really exciting to report - I don't. I got quite a bit done on my second sock today and it is gorgeous and red and I can't wait until it's finished but that's not earth shaking. I was also hoping that the yarn that Daria and I dyed with Kool Aid yesterday would be dry but it's not. It is worth noting that the yarn smells unmistakably like .... Kool Aid. I thought that without all of the sugar it might not smell so sweet but I was waaaay mistaken. You can smell the yarn from a mile away. It does look super cool though. It's red with a touch of bright orange. It's kind of flame-like and definitely sizzling!

The most notable thing about tonight is the swatch that I made. Not that the swatch is exciting but I actually made it. I'm gonna felt it as a test before I work on my next bag. I have in mind to use hardware from Home Depot on it and embellish it a bit with a contrasting color in a raised pattern. We'll see how that goes.

I'm not usually big on patience or following instructions. Case in point - dinner Sunday night. I was making a chicken dish that I found on the internet but as I went on I realized that I was missing ingredients and made creative substitutions. Then I realized that I was supposed to rub the chicken with spices (which I didn't have anyway) and let it stand for an hour before cooking - ooops! I also elected to cook it totally on the stove top instead of putting it in the oven to finish. Guess what! It was the most yummy thing EVER. Of course Lindsey still doused it thoroughly in ketchup and Daria refused to eat at all. They'll never have to try it again though because I have no freakin' clue how I made it.

I mention my adventure in cooking only so you understand how difficult I find planning my creative endeavours ahead. My instinct is to dive in. I am trying so hard to do this right. I am hoping that the bag I'm thinking of comes out well AND that I can do it again. Is that so much to ask?

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