Jan 9, 2006


Here we are on Saturday night with John Pinette ("Edna" in Hairspray). Girls weekend in NYC was a blast. It was that rare occasion when the traffic is nonexistent, the weather is clear, and all the stuff you want to do just works out perfectly.
We ate our way through the village and managed to locate and sample the wares of Milk & Cookies, Peanut Butter & Co. and Pommes Frites. They were all places that I'd heard about through the years on various foodie shows. Of course we walked through the village from one to the next so it was like a diet - no? Then we got to TKTS and manged to get 5 seats for Hairspray - all together. Go us! From there it was on to dinner at American Girl Place (very Eloise at the Plaza) before going to see Harspray and meeting the cast at the stage door afterward.

WHERE'S THE KNITTING? I know you're wondering. Well... after all that we got back to the hotel and I just didn't feel quite tired enough yet so I pulled out Simply Marilyn by Debbie Bliss. I managed to finish the last few rows on the collar so tonight I can finish sewing up the seams - yuck! Tomorrow I hope to be able to post the pictures of the completed sweater.
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Jessica said...

Well, I am glad you're getting the hang of this. Your pictures are quite nice, Hillary. I LOVE thr sweater *hint hint*