Jan 24, 2006

Turning the heel

This is definitely starting to look more sock-like now and I'm psyched. I've noticed something interesting as I work on this. My DH is much more interested in this project than in the countless sweaters that I've made. Who would've though that a sock would be so fascinating. He was watching intently on Sunday night as I did the heel flap. He kept asking questions about how it all works. "Will it have individual toes?" "How do you make the heel?" "Will you have enough yarn?" That last one was actually a really good question. It always is. As I told him over and over - just watch. I have no idea how it will work out except that it will NOT have individual toes.

I was actually really happy to have a totally absorbing project to work on last night because there was total crap on TV and I was in a foul mood. I wish I was the type of person who believed in beating my children because last night I was beyond words. My girls are both Girl Scouts and it's cookie time again. Ugh! My Big Kid has managed to lose TWO cookie order forms this year. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS SHIT! After she lost the first one I raved and ranted at her and thought I made my point. Apparently not! To make it all worse - I'm the cookie mom for Stinkerbelle's troop this year and I was the cookie mom for Big Stuff's troop for the past 3 years ( I know, I'm just a glutton for punishment). Anyway, I cancelled her weekend ski trip with the Girl Scouts because you can't do the fun stuff if you can't handle the responsible stuff.

I have to admit that cancelling the ski trip really works much better for me anyway. I was not looking forward to driving her to the mountain on Sunday morning and... now there's more time for me to go to Sugarloaf which is here in NOVA this weekend! Hooray for me! And, conveniently, there is a yarn store right frigging next door to the expo! I haven't been to that one in a while and now I have all that money that I didn't pay for Big Stuff's ski trip. Yarn, yarn, yarn!

Speaking of yarn and yarn stores - I signed up for another KAL. I'm enjoying these socks so much that I'm going to try the Red Hot Sizzling Socks KAL. I guess I'll do anything for an excuse to buy more yarn. Speaking of which, I've started ebaying again. There a certain beautiful logic to it all. If I clean out my closets then I'll have more room for yarn AND more money to buy it. It's a win-win situation. I love that!

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