Feb 2, 2006

Not very swift

I didn't post yesterday mostly because I was feeling very disappointed. I spent ALL NIGHT Wednesday trying to wind up my sizzling yarn. I have neither a swift nor a ball winder, a fact that never bothered me before. Now I'm looking al all of the other yarn in my many baskets and feeling a desperate need to invest in a swift.

Anyway, as I wound the yarn it looked less and less sizzling. It could be the frustration coloring my view of things. Let's hope! I think it will become socks for Lindsey. She chose the Negative Bricks pattern from Sockbug. I think they should work. Of course there are reasons why she gets the next pair of socks:

  1. She's threatening to take my Jaywalkers which aren't even finished yet. Her feet are almost as big as mine now and she things that means that we'll start sharing footwear. No way! I don't care how big her feet get - sharing footwear is gross!
  2. I haven't found any fun patterns for Stinkerbelle yet and I don't feel up to modifying what I have yet.
  3. Bruce's feet are BIG manly boats and, again, I haven't found many fun patterns for humongo-socks. I'm not even sure that there is such a thing.

Anyway, last night I camped out on the couch and was very determined about my sock knitting. I even made progress. I turned the heel on sock 2 which means that I oughtto complete it by Friday night. Hooray!

I mentioned the Yarn Harlot's post about taming her stash to Bruce and he thought it was pretty funny too. He claims that he is no long horrified by the amount of yarn that finds it's way into the house. He noted, with pride, that he no longer feels fear when he sees box from elann.com (or Blue Moon Fiber or Knitpicks or Patternworks ....) snuggling up to our front door. He actually suggested a few more places that we can house my ever-growing stash.

Speaking of stash additions, I sold some stuff on e-bay this week and it was a huge success. My DH and a few others noted that it souded like "yarn money". Right on! They know me so well.

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