Feb 20, 2006


No posting this weekend (too busy knitting) so there's lot's to say - where do I start? Hmmm....

Ah, the DFS update - just started the 7th repeat - definitely going to be a shawl. I have 3 hanks of yarn left (1 is hiding somewhere in my stash) and I think I should make it. Naturally I did have a few minutes of panic over how much yarn I have and how far it would go but they passed mercifully fast. I don't know about 10 repeats but I'll definitely get to 9. Cross your fingers and your toes.
This is a picture of the Drama Queen sitting at my feet on Saturday night - knitting! She's making bookmarks one after another. I guess that's her comfort zone right now. The weird thing is that she knits the opposite of me. She learned at the Knit Out in DC 2 years ago. (I have no business teaching anyone how to knit.) She hold her yarn in her right hand and I hold it to my left. She says it feels better to her that way. It looks horribly inefficient to me but I've seen many people knit that way and I know it's an accepted method. Naturally I like my way better.

I need to clarify a little something about my previous post about knitting on the Metro. I was knitting a sock on one double-pointed needle. No long pointy objects were wielded and no clacking was heard. It was very controlled - no danger involved. Really! It's quite likely that the folks around me barely noticed.

I took Stinkerbelle to the MCI Center yesterday to see Princess Classics, the most recent version of Disney on Ice. She's really not into princesses (much more into Star Wars and superheroes) so I warned her ahead of time about being on her best behavior and not expressing any thought on how dumb it might be to her friends. We were there for a birthday party and I didn't think such comments would go over well. I was really surprised because she enjoyed it. Maybe it was the familiarity of the stories. Maybe it was the peer influence. Maybe it was the skating. No clue! She did ask for a sword (flat out no) rather than a wand or any of the other pink, flowery stuff so I knew she was still Stinkerbelle.

And now the toothpaste .... bottom line do NOT allow a mischevous child like Stinkerbelle to lock herself and a buddy in the bathroom with toothpaste! You will not like the results! She and a buddy didn't want to be separated so they locked themselves in the bathroom. When the door finally opened there was toothpaste everwhere! They were trying to seal the door shut with toothpaste! Clearly this is a mess that my DH will be cleaning up. The best part was later in the evening when my DH went in there and sat down and ... yup, toothpaste on the toilet seat too. Not sure what the purpose of that was. Sadly I must admit that Bruce and I were too busy laughing to punish her properly (or at all). Far be it from me to stifle her creatvity!

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