Feb 22, 2006

How a good day goes bad

My grandparents celebrated their anniversary yesterday! Mazel Tov to them! I forget exactly how many years it is (bad granddaughter that I am) but my guess is about 65 since my grandmother was about 21, if memory serves, and they got married on her birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma! They had a lovely day including lunch at a restaurant with friends. I spoke to them and they sounded strong and happy. All good things! They are 2 of my very favorite people and I wish them many more.

Good things yesterday included getting a primo spot at the Metro parking garage. By primo I mean that after work I stepped into the garage and Punchy (my car) said "hi." It was as if the spot was waiting just for me! Do ya know how rare and wonderful that is?

I was oddly productive at work too. I spent a ton of time determining just how much "improvement" the records I inherited will need and the answer is - a buttload! Way more than I can even begin to get my head around.

You can consider this beautiful delivery from Knitpicks as part of the good portion of the day too. I was pondering the recent additions to my stash after Bruce called to say that this had arrived. I think that I have already made about 6 yarn purchases this year. I don't think that I can keep this pace up. I'm not sure that my house can hold it either. Must. Slow. Down. And Resist. Anyway, this is Sock Memories in Hawaii laying on yet more Color Your Own. I'm really digging the Kool Aid dying but I need to find a better source of Kool Aid with a better selection.

Now here's where it starts to go downhill. Can you see what's wrong with this next shot? On the right is the copy of Interweave Knits that prompted me to subscribe a month ago (give or take) and on the left (strategically covering the mailing label) is the copy that just arrived in the mail. Same Winter '05 issue! The irony is that, according to their website, the new spring issue went on sale yesterday! Does that make any sense at all?
Sadly, my day completed it's freefall into the crapper when I got home and saw my neighbor clearing out of her house for the very last time. She has retired and is moving to Wisconsin. I'm sure that it will be wonderful for her there but I will miss her dearly. Since we moved into our house more than 6 years ago she has been nothing but terriffic. She has babysat my monsters for free. She critiqued our gardening efforts (positively). She lent us folding chairs and tables (which she eventually gave us) for many years. She listened to my tales of woe and dished on the neighborhood "news" that she knew. She was a part of the school system my daughters attend and gave advice on Stinkerbelle's learning issues. She was the best neighbor we could've asked for - especially as first time homeowners.

I totally knew it was coming for a long time. I even knew that closing was this week but I'm sad just the same. I cried as I hugged her goodbye. It doesn't help that nobody has any clue at all about who bought the house. I'm sad and apprehensive.

Let's hope that the new neighbor knits or has age-appropriate kids.

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micah said...

Any ETA on a much-desired hat, gloves and scarf set?  Will it be keeping me warm next year instead of this?