Feb 26, 2006

Let's go to the videotape...

I never actually though that I'd make it on the medal stand and I'm not. I believe that the entry had to be blocked - past tense - not blocking. It's ok though because for me this is definitely a personal best. Here's another shot.

I totally recognize that it's far from perfect. The stats are:

Pattern: Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding

Yarn: Peruvian Collection Baby Silk from Elann.com in black

Needles: Addi Turbo size 5 about 31 inches long. ( lost the package so I don't know the length listed)

Modifications: Just one - my shawl is only 9 and a half repeats. I only had 6 balls of the yarn and couldn't find any more so after repeat nine I realized that I had too much yarn to stop there but not enough to complete the 10th repeat. It was clear from the finish instructions that the key was to stop after the first in a set of bind-offs so I did and I think that with the exception of the many, many folks that have made this shawl nobody will notice it. It still ends with a completed diamond , just not the center one.

In my defense I should note that I had every intention of finishing this yesterday but I got kidnapped. You heard me. Felicia forced me to go to the Baltimore Fine Craft Show yesterday. I tried to resist - really I did but she needed me. Who else could keep her from buying expensive furniture that wouldn't fit in her house? I did bring my knitting with me and I made a valiant effort but it's not easy to knit in an Explorer - the ride is a little bumpy. While I was there this called out my name and begged to come home with me. Isn't it purty?

I also had to buy these buttons. I think that at some point they will become a part of some lucky sweater. I think that, considering the staggeringly gorgeous stuff that was available, I did a good job of keeping the purchases under control - for both of us.

Perhaps the judges will take my dedication to the team into consideration and award me a Bronze. Nah - probably not.


Knit and Tink said...

I think it's beautiful! Congratulations!

Rabbitch said...

It's beautiful! I think you deserve a gold anyhow.

It certainly doesn't look like boiled ass any more. Mine still does. If your husband needs a laugh I'll post a pic.

Of the lace. Not my ass. Nobody should laugh ~that~ much.

Vicki Knitorious said...

That's a fine Olympic effort and I'm thinking deserving of gold, too. Your shawl is FANTASTIC!!

Was reading a few earlier posts -- have you met your new neighbors yet? I wish the best for you there; I know what it's like to lose the best neighbors in the whole wide world. Not that the new ones are necessarily bad, just not the best, you know? Makes a big difference.

And thank you for your nice comments. ; )

Melissa said...

Hi!! New here via the blogring from boogaj.....
I think it looks beautiful. Well done. I'm petitioning for a medal for you!

Anonymous said...

what is the green thing you purchased at the Craft Fair? Can't make it out and you don't say enuf. Nice color, whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

ummm....kidnapped? I think you went willingly.