Feb 16, 2006

All about the bulls-eye

Today it was gorgeous outside. So much so that I simply had to get out of the office and go for a walk. Naturally, I put the sock in my pocket and
stopped along the way to take this picture.

Let me start by saying that, to me, the heel is a little questionable - not sure I love the bulls-eye heel. I think that the idea of a little added interest in the back is cool but I think that this looks odd for a few reasons. First, it sticks out funny (for that reason I made Stinkerbelle try it on last night and it fits like a glove -it just looks weird). My second is complaint is also aesthetic - a bulls-eye ought to reduce to more of a dot in the middle than a line. Picky I know but I think it's a valid point. The last thing is more of apractical concern. This is only my 3rd pair of socks and the first two both had nice meaty heel flaps. This may work well too but those made me feel really confident in their durability. They also had very cool texture to them. What do you think? Any sock experts out there willing to share?

Now that I've got my complaints out of the way I should say that I'm really happy with the colors. As you know, I was a little worried about the colors and how they'd knit up. I have to say that out in the natural light I'm enjoying the color changes and the way it shows off the pattern so clearly. Unrelieved purple and green stripes would be gross and loud but the occasional white and lime green interludes calm it down just so. Of course Stinkerbelle is quite loud too - how do you suppose I can calm her down?

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