Feb 24, 2006

Whoa! Look at that!

Well would you look at that? It does fit someone after all - my niece Sam! Doesn't she look thrilled? My sister assures me that Sam was actually very happy to wear this to school today. That's Jake again in the background and I think that the look on his face is priceless. It looks kind of like "Holy shit it fits!" But they are both wonderful, well-behaved children and I'm sure that he's saying something much more appropriate.

I do love the cables though... I feel a cable project coming on. Mmmm.... cables. And to think that I did this before I knew how to cable without a needle

In other news, my week from hell continues. Yesterday my email at work blew up. First it distributed copies of the contents of my whole email system, all of my mailboxes, calendar items, to do items, saved communication - EVERYTHING, to 5 attorneys across the country. I'm sure they were totally stoked when they found out the date of my last hair appointment. That is of course IF they could find that among the 1240+ emails. Yeah, it was that bad. But it gets better... as it sent the e-mails out it also deleted the originals off of my system. So now I look like an idiot to my colleagues and I have to recreate my records. Ain't technology grand.

Speaking of idiots, who thought it was a good idea to have this guy doing commentary during the Olympics?

I know that he was an award winning skater back in the day but does that really give him license to make inane comments through every single performance? How many times does he get to remark on the "awful sitting position" some of the skaters use while doing a particular trick during the pairs skate. If you actually have something of value to add - please share, but otherwise - shut up! The Olympics have been pretty lame this year for many reasons but I think that if the commentators would stop talking so much I'd enjoy them a little bit more. Just my opinion - I could be wrong.

Anyway, as the Olympics limp to a close here's another DFS update. I just finished the 8th repeat and I'm starting 9. Still not sure how far the yarn will go but I'm hopeful. I don't see a gold medal in my future but Bronze - sure! Dare I hope for Silver? Whatever it is I'm definitely posting a personal best and that's the point -right?


Pennie said...

Your shawl is beautiful. You have a nice blog, I enjoyed reading and looking.

Purly Whites said...

Hey there! I was just googling myself (Sundara Yarn) and found your site. I was looking through your old posts and oh yes, how I cannot stand Dick Button. I'm a HUGE figure skating fan. Don't even get me started talking about it, cause I can go on for HOURS. But Dick Button was horrible at the Olympics. He's generally pretty obnoxious, but he was incredibly rude those two weeks. And so were the other inane commenters. I practically had to mute the television. I hope that in the future, ABC gets the Olympics so they can use the regular ABC/ESPN commentators for figure skating.

See, I told you I can talk about it lots. Heh.