Feb 28, 2006

Say cheeese!

My sister asked that I post about something other than knitting every now and again. She doesn't knit and I think she finds my obsession a little foreign and, frankly, scary. Here is proof that I obsess about many, many things. One of them is cheese. I've always loved cheese but when this place opened near us about a year ago my cheese fetish spun out of control. If you're not lucky enough to have one near you then you just don't know what you're missing. I'll spare you all the gory details, I have a tendency to wax rapsodic about this fabulous place. Suffice to say that it's 3 times the size of any grocery store I've ever seen and filled with wonderful things offered by incredibly helpful folks.

The place that most often busts my budget is the cheese section. It's got the most wonderful looking stuff and they're always willing to cut you a sample. Yum! Better yet, they'll cut a piece down to a manageable size for you. My family isn't as keen on the cheese so I was always able to resist purchases because I couldn't possibly finish a huge wedge of whatever. No problem now so I test it ALL out and take it ALL home. My cheese drawer is overflowing.
As yummy as it all is though, the best I've found so far is Vintage Dubliner. It is to die for! Unfortunately it only comes out around St. Patricks Day so it's in the stores now and I'm a happy girl again. Yum!

Unfortunately consuming great amounts of cheese isn't doing wonders for the size of my ass so the DFS photo shoot yesterday evening was not prime time material (don't want to scare anyone.) I'll have to give the proper attire some thought and try again this weeekend. The problem is that the most slimming things I own are black - not conducive to showing off a black shawl. Hmmmm....

Ready for a little Stash Reduction Exercise? Good! I dove in last night for round one and look what I found. This is all machine washable and cute too. I started bear number one in denim and white Lion Brand Polarspun with a red scarf made by Lindsey. It wasn't ready for prime time yet either so you'll just have to settle for the raw materials today. I have to say that working with the Polarspun last night reminded me of why it was banished to the bottom of the basket in the first place. I hate working with the stuff. It is really soft though and I'm sure that feeling it will make some child feel really happy so it's all good.

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Krista said...

I too have a thing for cheese, and I think my all-time favorite is Wensleydale (sp?) with Cranberries. I get it at Whole Foods! yummy.