Feb 9, 2006

The one about the apple and the tree

This is a picture of the latest Kool Aid experiment. I'm really not sure what I think of it yet. I actually like the green and the yellowy green is cool too. The purple is a bit dark for me and the dye missed a few spots. (dreaded white space - Ack!) Stinkerbelle loves it though and can't wait for me to turn it into socks for her. I guess that's the bottom line. As long as she likes it and is willing to wear it - so be it. It's possible that this could knit up in some wonderful way like the Flaming Kool Aid for my RHSS.

Speaking of the RHSS - I am determined to finish them tonight. The heel of the second sock is 4 and a half inches long so finishing tonight shouldn't be too difficult. That's good because I think we'll have to go out for a little celebration dinner tonight. Anyone who knows may family knows exactly where we'll be. Yep! Cheese fries and steaks for all. Yesterday was report card day and, I'm happy to say, both of my girls did well. As an added bonus the Drama Queen was admitted to a math enrichment program at her school this week based on her wild arithmetic skills.

The continued mathematical prowess displayed by my child is super good news for me because I can barely add. I may be exaggerating a little - but not much. My children and everyone else know that I suck at math. It's such a well-known fact that my kids are continually reminding me that - although they have mathematical abilities which I lack - they are just like me.

The Drama Queen is an avid reader who takes multiple books with her everywhere just in case she finishes one. It would be a horror if she ever ran out of reading material. ( I do the same thing). I told her about how my sister and I used to read in the dark after bedtime and now she does that too. She is quite proud of carrying on the tradition. What can I say - do as I say, not as I do? Nah. She has also made an effort at knitting. She loves to whip it out from time to time and do it right alongside me. Awwwwww... (Of course she really wants to sew too which is totally not my thing. I absolutely refuse to learn how to sew.)

Stinkerbelle is a wild child who loves to make a mess. This in itself qualifies her cut from the same cloth as me. Never-the-less she reminds me at least once a week that she has my genes because she likes art. I melt! Her favorite place is sitting at the counter in the kitchen helping me cook. She'll stir and measure anything just to say that she's helping. When she thinks I'm not looking she even swipes little bites of this and that - just like me.

I'm not close with my mother (ok, we don't talk at all) and there are very good reasons for that. I am aware though, that a lot of the things that I enjoy sharing with my daughters - the love of reading, cooking and all things crafty - comes from my mom. I'd like to think that I'm passing along the good and weeding out the less good.

Just a thought.

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