Feb 27, 2006


That's how I feel today. Since I finished the socks for Stinkerbelle last night I have nothing left on my needles. Nothing that I intend to work on right now anyway. I think that I need to designate a spot on the blog for "eternal slumber". I must admit that I have a linen tank top and a hat for Lindsey that are hiding at the bottom of my stash and they are perfect candidates for the inauguration of the "eternal slumber" section. I am, after all, the Queen of all manner of UFO's. Ask my DH - he'll gladly vent his frustration at the many projects that I've begun through the years that never went anywhere.

Anyway, about Stinkerbelle's socks. It's amazing what you see when you get a close up. Like right now I'm looking at this picture and hoping that these socks don't cut off the circulation in her feet. A brief break for the stats:

Pattern: Chevron from the Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Knitpicks Color Your Own 100% Merino dyed with, what else, Kool Aid
Needles: Susan Bates size 3 (Yuck, yuck and double yuck! I hate the joins on these)
Modifications: nada

Back to discussion. As I was saying, I can clearly see now that these are too small for Stinkerbelle. They are on her feet as we speak and I doubt that I can pry them away from her but I'll have to work on sizing the socks. The chevron pattern doesn't look so hot when it's stretched all to hell.

Here are a few more thoughts upon finishing the Knit Olympics - my own wrap up if you will. First, I feel incredible relief. I have never felt such pressure in my knitting before and truly I'm not sure I could stand it again. It took over my life. Now I can cook for my family again, do the piles of laundry that accumulated, read bedtime stories, really put some effort into the Girl Scout cookie sale, etc. The list of stuff I've neglected truly does go on and on.

It was very cool to get encouragement from so many people. I can't stress enough how much it adds to the experience when you share it. Every comment means more than I can say. Being part of such a huge thing was also inspiring. The idea of hundreds and thousands (ack!) of knitters challenging themselves all at once... holy shit - it's a little mind-blowing.

I think that I have a date with Knitting On the Road right now - and a calculater. I will get the size right if it kills me. Oh and teddy bears for Phyl. I enlisted Lindsey to help. She can't wait to sew up seams.

ECL: sizes chick! I need sizes or you see what happens.


Anonymous said...

OK, OK, I'LL GET YOU SIZES! Now that I see how cool the socks are I will hop to it!

cursingmama said...

Nice Medal! Thinking of crossing the lines of good knittership and just stealing one even though I'm still not done.