Feb 11, 2006

The Olympics

Ok, ok - that's a super unimaginative title but what can I say? I'm just so happy to report that my shawl is started. I finished chart A but it wasn't without difficulty. I could not get it started on circulars at all. I tried. Finally I whipped out a set of straight needles and it worked much better for me. I think that the difficulty was in picking up those first few stitches when I could barely see them. Has anyone else had a problem with this? It could just be me.

I was out this morning at the yarn store buying a nice long Addi to transfer the shawl to and it's working just beautifully now. I tried to get out of there without buying more yarn... ok, not really. I made a bee-line for the sock yarn and found some yummyLorna's Lace. Isn't it delish? I just couldn't resist it. I also got a sock book. I looked at a bunch of them and settled on Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. Has anyone used it? I like that it gives so many options. As I mentioned in earlier posts - I have many patterns that will work for Lindsey or myself but Stinkerbelle and Bruce are a little more difficult. I want to make fun socks for them too.

I think that I may get a whole lot of knitting done because the snow is really falling outside. The meteorologists may actually be right this time.

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