Feb 10, 2006

Smells Like Snow !

As I had hoped - I finished the socks for the Drama Quuen late last night. I was moving along nicely until I finished the last toe decrease and realized that I had one too many stitches on one needle. Shit! I had to go back and start ripping a few rows. It really sux when it's 10:00 at nightand you're tired and the end of a project is thisclose and you have to go back and start ripping out rows to find a really dumb mistake. The worst id that after ripping a few rows I realized that it really didn't matter much. It was the toe and it was garter stitch which hides a multitude of sins. So I redid everything and I added one more decrease hidden in a purl row and nobody will ever know it's there. I was able to do a lovely kitchener bind off and here are the results.
Although my Jaywalkers are red too, this is my first pair of socks knit expressly for the Red Hot Sizzling Socks knit-along. I think that they look great. More importantly - the Drama Queen is thrilled with them. What do you think? I have plenty of red sock yarn in my basket at home so I'll be doing at least 2 more pairs.

Now that these socks are done the decks are clear and I'm all ready to start my Diamond Fantasy Shawl tonight. Bruce is actually excited about my Olympic challenge. I think that I see his logic. It goes something like this: an Olympic knitting project requires watching the Olypmics which means that the Olympics will be on at home non-stop. My DH is a sporty guy who will watch ANYTHING they put on ESPN. If they say it's a sport then he's watching it.

The good news is that they're predicting snow for tomorrow in the Old Dominion. I'm from NY and I love snow. I am also able to drive in it unlike most people in Northern VA. It is a well known fact that the slightest hint of snow will clear the stupidmarket of all milk, bread, eggs etc. Two inches could potentially keep everyone home for days, weeks, months. Normally I'd be out and about as usual BUT snow is an excellent excuse to stay in an knit.

I think there may be some Olympic gold in those clouds. Hmmm...

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