Feb 6, 2006

The first RHSS

This is the first of my Red Hot Sizzling socks. I started it on Saturday morning and finished kitchenering the toe at midnight last night. Lindsey expects me to finish the mate by Wednesday. I don't think so though. Work may get in the way a little bit. I'll start it today and see how it goes. I definitely want to finish it before they light the torch on Friday night.
My weekend was pretty good. Lot's of knitting and vegetating. I actually accomplished a lot AND I didn't have to do any errands or leave the house for any other reason yesterday. That's awesome! I dyed more yarn with Stinkerbelle. This batch is teal and purple. She wants me to make socks for her out of it. If it comes out as well as the first batch I'll be really happy. I started collecting onion skins too. The guy at the stupidmarket was perplexed when he saw the bag of onion skins. I've often used them to dye egg shells for hard boiled eggs and i kind of like the color. Has anyone tried that before? Can you tell me if it worked? I think that I'll collect a ton of skins and then throw the skins and yarn and water etc in a huge pot and boil it for a while. Sounds like it should work. I'm hoping for a nuanced yarn with deeper and lighter tones. On the way to work this morning I was thinking that it might be the perfect yarn for a pair of boat covers for Bruce. I says that if I make socks for him then he'll wear them.

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