Feb 5, 2006

Lessons Learned

I'm a self taught knitter which means that I looked at books, tried to emulate what I saw and often wondered WTF.

This is the first sweater I ever made. The chief appeal of the yarn was that it was cheap. I made it for Stinkerbelle and I think that I finished it in 2003 but it's never been worn. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but my gauge changed drastically from one piece to the next - super wide shoulders were the result of that. I love the button - it's a Fimo multi-color job. The edging was cool too. I was working from a book by Kate Buller called Style your own Kid's Knits. I cheerfully disregarded all of the stuff about gauge and dove in head first. I found a style that worked and picked details - like the edging - from other sections. It's the intent of the book but I think that they assume that you have a clue to begin with - I didn't.

The best part of the experience was at the very end when I showed it proudly to Diana, a friend of mine who's been knitting much longer than I have. She seemed very impressed and complemented the sweater because she's a genuinely nice person. Then she asked what stitch I had used. Huh? It was done on stockinette stitch with a moss stitch yoke. Simple, nothing fancy, very obvoius - or so I thought. The trouble was that I had been purling in a truly fucked-up way and had no idea. Ignorance is bliss and all that jazz. She assured me that since the whole thing was done the same way I was ok but I went home and hit the books hard. I purl correctly now and I'm not sure how I could've missed it then but at the time it seemed natural.

Knitting socks on 2 circs is like that too. Since I corrected my method the socks are flying on my needles. I cast on for my Red Hots yesterday morning while I sweat it out at the rec center where Stinkerbelle was having swimming lessons. Yes, I had to cast on twice because I twisted it the first time but now, a little over 24 hours later, I'm nearly done with the first sock. I have to say that it's coming out much better than I thought it would.

This is a quick shot of the back of sock one. I was worried that maybe the colors weren't deep enough but the more I knit - the more it looks like the perfect marriage between pattern and yarn. The orange comes out in very cool ways and there are deep red spots too. They are so hot! I also love the texture of the heel. It's hard to describe so you'll have to take my word for it - it's awesome!

The weather is gross and cold here today so I expect to dye more yarn with Stinkerbelle (we picked up a nifty selection of Kool Aid yesterday and she's dying to try it) and finish sock RHSS #1.

I'll leave you wth this lovely picture of my Ruby Slippers.
I was really unhappy with the other pictures that I took of them and I thought that a little natural light might help. The nasty stuff beneath them is the zoysia grass in my front yard. Where I live it has 4 1/2 spectacular months where it looks lush and green and we're the envy of all. The rest of the year it looks like this. I get the honor of being the only house on the block with a dead yard. I pray for snow to come and cover it up. May can't come soon enough!

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