Feb 8, 2006


Last night I:
a) did laundry
b) helped Stinkerbelle with her homework
c) got to the end of the heel on my second RHSS
d) made a yummy spinache quiche
e) started arranging summer camp plans for Stinkerbelle and the Drama Queen

Naturally, I'm a mom so the answer is "f". It's my job. I remember hearing somewhere on the radio a discussion of how women and men attack errands and other household stuff. They were saying that women are more likely to make stops on the way home to pick up stuff at the stupidmarket, drycleaning etc. Men go straight home and crash on the couch. Not all men are like this but it seems to hold true in general. Can you guess what Bruce usually does - unless I give him a list.

In his defense I should say that my DH was doing some reasonably useful stuff himself last night. He straightened up a bit for the cleaning people. (apparently they need to see the floor in order to clean it) He also cleaned up after my quiche-making activities. I'm a good cook but I'm much less good at cleaning up after myself. Come to think of it, that extends to most, if not all, of my creative endeavours. My DH is very tolerant!

The good news is that I'm making real progress on my RHSS's and I ought to finish this pair in time to cast onfor my Olympic project Friday night. I thik that I may be overly optimistic about my chances of completing this shawl in 16 days. Stranger things have happened but let's be realistic. I keep reading on other blogs about how everyone's getting ready for the big cast-on and I feel like I ought to be doing something. Swatching maybe? In my defense i should say that I've collected the necessary materials and I fully intend to read the instructions before Friday night. So there!

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