Feb 17, 2006

Is that yarn in your pocket?

First, a DFS update. I finished another repeat last night. I was up way past my bedtime but it was so worth it. I still make errors but since I'm counting between each stitch marker I notice all of the errors on the very next row. Most often I forget a yarn-over which is super-easy to correct. I also need to say a huge thank you to Margene for letting me know that I'm not the only one who found this pattern a little challenging.

Now the fun stuff. When I got home yesterday there was a lovely box of books there to greet me. Of course I ordered them, but still, I didn't know they'd get here so soon. That's not even the best part. Bruce's only comment was that he was surprised it was books. He thought I'd ordered more yarn. LOL! He's either gotten used to the steady stream of yarn that appears in our home or he doesn't want to get me mad so close to his golf getaway with the guys. He did note the fact that the pile of knitting books on the coffee table is covering the whole table now. Not a complaint - just an observation. (He still needs the golf check.)

Oh, the books... 2 by Nancy Bush of course. Knitting on the Road and Knitting Vintage Socks. I really, really needed them because I made a discovery yesterday. A ball of sock yarn fits neatly in the pocket of my tomato red fleece jacket. (Bruce noticed it sticking out of my pocket when I walked in the door and thought it was really funny) Better yet - with yarn in pocket - I can knit standing up on the Metro! How awesome is that? I barely minded the crush of humanity surrounding me. Sure, I'd love to get a seat but that so rarely happens. People crowd in and are often super-rude on Metro but a little sock therapy makes me immune to it all.

How about that?

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Anonymous said...

If I was sitting on the metro and noticed a woman standing above me with clacking knitting needles in hand, I'd give her my seat super-fast! THAT is DANGEROUS! (and actionable)