Feb 15, 2006

Back on track... for now

As you can see, I haven't gotten very far but I'm posting this now to show all those who expressed encouragement that I haven't given up. Thanks for all of the suggestions and words of wisdom. I just finished chart B for the second time and my results so far look much better. It could be that I'm getting a feel for it. I get into a groove at times and, at those moments, I think that I may just finish a full 10 repeats by the close of the Olympics. Most of the time I think that May is a better target. I have a Bar Mitzvah to go to at the end of May and this shawl would be perfect no matter what I wear. Yes, I know that's 3 months away but I'm being VERY CAREFUL. I count all of the stitches going each way. I will. not. fuck. up. again.

Are you all actually watching the Olympics while you do your Olympic projects? I have been. For ost people this is no big deal but I'm soooo not a sporty person. Remember - I finished my Jaywalkers at a hockey game - sooooo not a sports lover. This time I'm riveted and I'm not sure if it's the effect of the Olympic knitting or what. Missed all of my usual shows - that's what TIVO is for - right? I especially loved the snowboarding. The tricks are amazing! I could do that... like if I didn't hate being cold... and lost 80 pounds... and I didn't hate the cold... and got in shape... and didn't hate the cold... and... you get the picture. No way is there snowboarding in my future! But I might be tempted if I could get a super cool name like the Flying Tomato. He makes it look so easy.

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margene said...

DFS is one pattern I had to watch every row. Usually lace is easy to memorize but I never could with that one. She looks great so far!