Mar 1, 2006

Catching the Random Bug

Here are two pictures of the socks I made for Stinkerbelle last week. As I suspected - they're too tight. She wore them to school on Monday and when she took them off she complained about the "lines" they made in her feet - ouch! I washed them last night in cold water and when I was done I noticed the incredible degree of felting that took place during one day of wear. I think that you can see it in the pictures. On the insole the stitches are still distinct but the soles are one felted mass. The socks still look good. The color held up and the patten works but I'm surprised none-the-less. I hope my niece likes them!

Here is a shot of them looking down at the insole. Not the most beautiful pictures ever but I was on my way to work at the time. I wanted pictures in natural light so as I was walking down the street I saw some tables on the sidewalk that weren't in use. Quickly, I whippped out the socks and my camera and voila! As you can see, the colors held up in the wash. I just love Kool Aid dying but I wish the yarn wouldn't felt quite so much. Oh well!

I should say that If Bruce reads this he will be afraid. Yesterday he looked up my blog and saw the cheese post. He immediately called me and said "You took a picture of the CHEESE!" He seems to find this behavior odd. Hmmmm...

While I'm thinking of food I should mention a new addition to my blog. Did you see my nice shiny medal? I was thinking about where to post it and finally decided to relace the avatar with it. Looking at that avatar was disturbing. It was kind of me but waaaaay skinnier. They need real woman avatars with a little meat on them. Oh and they ought to offer turtles as a pet choice too. Anyway, I'm feeling a little large lately (maybe it's the Olympic Oreos or the cheese) and that avatar had to go! Is it obnoxious to put the medal there? I really feel quite proud of the accomplishment.

By the way, just in case you care - I'm still waiting to see who my new neighbors will be. It's been a week now and there's still very little sign of anyone. There were lights on a few days ago but, as far as can see nobody's moved in. I'm quite nervous. If it was me, I'd be there already! I hope they're not going to rent it out. Please, please, please not that!

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margene said...

Love the colors in the yarn. It doesn't look fuzzy at all. Nice work.