Mar 29, 2006

Pontoon Covers

I can’t believe that I resisted sock knitting until this past January. It’s addictive and really satisfying in its own way. I’m currently working on Jet socks for Bruce which really look more like pontoon covers. They’re enormous! Every now and again I look down at them as I knit and I feel certain that they must be way too big. Thankfully I’m knitting these toe-up - so I can slip them on his feet at regular intervals just to convince myself that they really are the right size.

This is what they look like so far. (See the quarter placed as a reference. At this point these barely cover the ball of his foot.)

After finishing the toe, I looked at a bunch of neat patterns for the insole and leg and even considered plain stockinette before settling on the Lace Rib pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks. He really wanted Jaywalkers and I thought about doing a chevron pattern to achieve something similar but I was afraid that they wouldn’t have much give. This pattern is easy to remember which makes it perfect for on the go knitting and the rib makes the sock pleasingly stretchy. I also think it works well with deep, rich colors in the yarn. Very manly! Don’t you think so?


micah said...

Hey! I just set this up as a podcast from Feed2Podcast: Knitting4Shirley

Dipsy D. said...

Yep, I too think the pattern and the color are perfect for men's socks! I agree with you, sock knitting is something so very addictive - I didn't do it for many years but when I started it, I was hooked immediately!