Mar 10, 2006

Golf & Guys - Day 1

Actually, Bruce left on the Great Golf Outing on Wednesday night so yesterday was my first full day. That leaves me solo for a few days. I felt a little worried about this because I'm really not a morning person at all - I'm also not a cleaning the house, doing the dishes or taking out the garbage person. You get the idea - right? Anyway, I wasn't sure how this all would work out but so far so good. For those interested in keeping score I can sum up the first full day like this:

  • Bloody noses - 2
  • Cordless phones in the bathtub - 1
  • Children delivered to school on time with all their crap - 2
  • Children picked up from school on time - 2
  • Children declining to eat the nutritious dinner I served - 1
  • New knitting projects begun -1
I'll spare you all of the boring details but I think I did quite well. There were no real surprises (except for the phone in the tub but it recovered nicely). Notice that I started a new project last night. The school is doing a silent auction and they called for donations so I'm making a felted bag for them. I'm using the purple yarn for which I already test-felted a swatch a few weeks ago. How's that for being prepared? It's not terribly photogenic yet but I think that it will be soon.

I had been pondering this yarn before I got the flyer from the school. It's left over (yup, you heard that right) from a blanket and sweater set that I made for my neice 2 years ago. I don't know if I just totally miscalculated and overbought or if the yardage was off or what. I really just don't recall and, as I 've stated before, my math sucks so anything is possible. The bottom line is that I have 6+ skanks of this cotton yarn and I think that it would make a nice summer top for the Drama Queen. I sat with all of my assorted books and magazines on wednesday night and I came up with.... nada! I just don't know what I want to do. Figuring this ought will be project #2 for this weekend.

I have one other thing to offer today. I saw this flower as I was getting into my car this morning. As usual I have no clue what it is but I love it. I actually recall planting it at some point but still I can't remember the name. It's so delicate and the color is lovely. I hope it brightens your day like it did mine.


Anonymous said...

Your blue flower looks like an iris, but it isn't nearly tall enough... a Stunted Iris (your own mutation)

Anonymous said...

How come I have no flowers yet? Maybe it's some VA voodoo thing...Hmmm

Manise said...

The flower you found is a dwarf iris (iris reticulata). The blooms are much larger in relation to their short stems. The leaves are much softer and less leathery as their larger relatives. You can find it in the link below.