Mar 15, 2006

That Toothless Grin

Toothless! I just couldn’t resist a shot of Stinkerbelle with her front tooth missing. It came out last night and she was so excited! It’s not the first tooth that she’s lost but it is the first in a long time. She’s been waiting (not quite patiently) for it to come out. There’s something about a kid with her front tooth missing – don’t cha think?D - toothless

I took this picture on the way to work this morning. I looked out the window of my car and something about the gray in the clouds against the blue sky struck me. It’s a little blurry because just as I snapped the picture the light changed and I had to get going. Pre-blog I wouldn’t even have had my camera with me but these days it’s ever-present.

What you can’t really appreciate from this picture is the wind. It’s incredibly windy here today. This weekend was gloriously warm and it stayed that way until yesterday. Today it is cold again. That’s ok! It’s also wicked windy out there and that’s not ok at all. Stupid me decided this was the day to go headbandless (is that even a word?) I think that all of my pictures today are a little fuzzy and hurried due to the ongoing battle with my hair.
I was also thinking this morning that I’ve shown you a lot of UFO’s lately but not much that’s current. This is the bag that I’m making for the school fund-raiser. Its aubergine and when I finish it there will be a white furry band around the top. I don’t know much more than that because I’m winging it. I do know that the strap will be a little different. Whether that’s a good thing is another question. I just haven’t been in love with any of the straps I’ve done to date. I want something more substantial than the usual i-cord.
You may also notice something else about this bag… I’m knitting it on DPN’s. See – I do have them. I just hate them. Hate may be too strong a word. I dislike them very, very, very much but in this case they’re the only thing that’s working for me. Why is it that socks feel good on 2 circs but this bag… not so much? Hmmmm… Anyway, one side benefit of using the DPN’s is that I was able to stick them on the mesh table top for a less ordinary shot of the bag in progress. That’s a plus!

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