Mar 20, 2006


Hooray! Spring arrives today at 1:26 p.m. Eastern time. I’m wearing my sweater of many colors today in it’s honor. I‘ll show you a picture of it sometime when I’m not in it. Anyway, the weather people are predicting snow for tomorrow but I’m not worried at all because I know they’re just guessing. I am positive that tomorrow, the first full day of spring will be a wonderful day. The birds will sing and the sun will shine and I WON’T FEEL LIKE CRAP ANYMORE!

If you need a little reassurance that spring is indeed coming to the Metro DC area here it is. I took this picture right in front of my house this morning. It doesn’t dare snow on lovely flowers like these. Right?

On Saturday morning Bruce and I drove to New York City. It was uneventful (always a good thing) and productive. On the way I started the second Embossed Leaves sock and I added a few inches to the Aubergine bag. Not bad. Not as much as I hoped for but… not bad either. It was a good thing that I knit on the way up because I was too worn out and tired to knit on the way home.

We got to NYC and had just enough time for a little playtime in the village. We found the handmade paper store again and I got 2 journals/notebooks (seen below with a NYC subway map). We found a store full of fancy olive oil. We ate pizza and cookies and generally enjoyed ourselves. Lovely! We walked and talked and walked some more. Suddenly, before my eyes there was a fabulous sight.

“Wow Bru, look!”
“No, next to the bakery… a yarn store!”

We had found Purl Soho. I ought to note that my dh knows me well enough to recognize that this was less the result of serendipity and more likely the product of careful studying of my handy copy of the Knitter’s guide to yarn stores. Even so, he was very patient and he sat at the table and examined the yarn with me. He even convinced me to buy 2 extra skanks of Cascade 220 “just in case”. In the end I got a little Koigu and the Cascade (seen below). The prices were comparable to home and the selection was wonderful. I hadn’t seen Koigu up close and personal before because my LYS doesn’t carry it. Yum!

NY Mosaic

Did you notice the Black Sheep above? I love it! My dh found it while he was waiting for me and we agreed that he was adorable. I just need to protect him well or he may wander off and get lost in the twin black holes that are otherwise known as my daughter’s bedrooms.

One last thing. We saw Spamalot on Saturday evening. It was fun and silly and just what I expected. Unfortunately the show started at 8 and by then I was feeling really and truly lousy. I was tired from all of the excitement of the day and just wanted to sleep. This is a picture of the t-shirt and the Playbill. If you ever get a chance you ought to check out the Playbill. It’s got a whole bunch of silliness in it that cracked me up while we waited for the show to start.

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Anonymous said...

Jonquils, how beautiful. Do you have daffys too? A whole patch under that tree that lost a branch? You do love/plant lots of bulbs! Someone taught you well;-)