Mar 9, 2006

Seeing Red... and Pink

Well, I took a tour of my house last night in search of all things red or pink. I was shocked to find very little.

chair cow

Here is Bruce's La-z-boy which is too big for anyone else to sit in comfortably and a cow from my collection. I think that it's a replica of one of the Cows on Parade cows.

butterfly strawberries
Here is a butterfy from Stinkerbelle's room. It's one of 6 that hang from her ceiling. It goes really well with the rag-rolled walls in sky blue and the band of butterflies stamped around the perimeter. Naturally - she wants it all gone! she'd much prefer Star Wars or superheroes. Oh well! I'm the mommy and I say it stays.

Next to that we have some strawberries - one of my favorite fruits. I can never resist them but they often go bad in my house because I'm the only one who eats them.

hilfiger sweater hair dyrer
Here is my favorite sweater that I didn't make. I'm actually wearing it right now. Bruce bought it for me for Valentines Day last year and I always feel good when I wear it.

Ok, this is lame but I'm including my hair dryer too. It rounds out the display nicely and it's way more photogenic than my red fleece Lands End Anorak. I love the jacket but the hairdryer is nice too.

I really do like red but I guess I'm just more drawn to other colors. Thanks for the meme Margene!

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