Mar 28, 2006

Socks and Rationalization

Thanks for all the nice things that you’ve all said about the Embossed Leaves socks. I put them in the mail yesterday to __ before I could change my mind.

I got a call last week from my daughter’s school. It seems that after 3 years of speech therapy the newest speech teacher thinks that she may no longer need speech class. Here’s the thing… how can you assess her ability to say “s” and “th” and “f” (all problems for Stink) when she’s got her two front teeth missing? Hmmmm…

If you’ve been paying attention, and read the blog recently, then you’d notice that I said TWO front teeth are missing. Yup! The second one came out on Sunday night and the tooth fairy fucked up! Sunday night Stinkerbelle forgot to put the tooth under the pillow so she was very careful about it last night. Imagine her surprise when she checked it this morning and found the tooth still there. The horror! She started crying and I felt like shit.

It was time for a little parental subterfuge. I comforted her and snuggled her in my room while Bruce remedied the situation under her pillow. When we went back to her room, like magic, the money was there. All done? Nope, then I had to convince the child that she missed it the first time around. “Are you sure that you looked well?” I think she bought it. I can be pretty convincing.

Speaking of convincing… I managed to convince myself last night that casting on another project was perfectly ok. I started Bruce’s Jet socks with a short row toe. I know that I’m supposed to be working on the vest and Aubergine and the scarf and the teen top but I can explain. Really I can. Here are all the reasons why casting on another pair of socks was the right thing to do. Choose the one that suits you best.

1. I finally finished the armhole decreases on the vest and I deserve a reward.
2. I measured the vest and realized that I still have 6 inches to go to complete the back. At this rate he’ll be lucky if I finish it by Winter ’08. Doesn’t he deserve a little something to reward his patience?
3. The WIP Wipe Out rules say that if I finish a pair of socks I can start new ones.
4. At least I didn’t cast on a sweater…
5. Or buy more yarn.
6. The yarn was calling me!

Ok, if none of those are working for you then just look at this and tell me that you could resist.

I think I love short row toes. Did I mention that I stayed up until 1 am trying to get it right? That's waaaay past my bedtime. I am so tired today!

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