Mar 4, 2006

This is what green looks like

You like? This arrived today in the mail and I am so excited! It looks awesome and rich and deep in person. This is my new yarn from Sundara Yarn. The top is Black Lagoon for Bruce and the bttom is Seaweed for me. Did I mention before that I like green? I LOVE GREEN. I've always loved it. Can you imagine the socks this will make? I took it outside to get a picture in the natural light and placed it on my DEAD STRAW LAWN to illustrate for the monster what it's supposed to look like. "See the lovely green - lawns are supposed to be green too. Get it?" Sadly the lawn is remaining stubbornly nasty. I'm not sure I'll be able to post shots of my yard tomorrow because I have to be out selling Girl Scout Cookies at 8:30 am! I know it sounds crazy - don't ask. Just chalk it up to the things we do because we love our kids just that much. If I do get the pictures taken and posted I will be certain to enhance them with sexy shots of the alien bear. He is finished now and bear number two is well on it's way. Hooray! Truthfully, there's not much to see in my yard this time of the year. It too is rather nasty and grey. I'll do my best.

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Anonymous said...

"Black Lagoon" looks sort of black and bluish, and I think it is more blue than black. Do you only knit sox now?