Mar 27, 2006

Go Patriots!

I am really, really not a sports fan by any measure but how can you not get just a little excited when Cinderella is practically in your backyard? I live really close to George Mason University and many students rent homes in my neighborhood so Sunday afternoon was full of honking horns going up and down my street. Yes, they’re a little excited around here and I’m perfectly ok with that since the craziness will be over in a week. The fireworks that they shot off last night at the school were a nice bonus too.

I attended the Family Day festivities at the National Building Museum on Saturday. It was lovely. There were a bunch of creative activities for the kids including a chance to dress up in kimonos, make origami objects, create their own boxed Japanese gardens and dance with DDR. Lindsey tried to get me to play DDR with her but I am incredibly uncoordinated and was thrilled to find that they shut it down early so I didn’t get a chance. Oh well!

What was not lovely were the speeches. OMG! We tried to stay for the official opening ceremony for the Cherry Blossom festival but, after a nice musical intro, they started speeches which went on forever. I tried to stay but I just couldn’t. We decided to head over to the Tidal Basin instead. As we approached we could see that the blossoms just weren’t ready yet so we decided to try to go back next week. There were some but I love when they form that delicate pink ring around the basin. Who doesn’t?

It was a great weekend and it even included another pair of finished objects. My Embossed Leaves socks. I really do love them and I will definitely do this pattern again.

Embossed Leaves Socks - 1st pair

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks (IK, Winter 05)
Needles: #2 Addi’s
Yarn: Knit Picks Sock Garden – Geranium
Dates: 3/3/06 – 3/25/06

Notes: I knit these on size 2 Addi’s as the pattern says and they’re fine but I think that if I went down to a size 1 for the foot they’d fit just a little more snugly. I’ll try that the next time. I also think that the yarn is getting in the way of the pattern a bit. (maybe a lot) It’s not a problem all over – just with the green. I think that color variation would work with this pattern as long as it’s the same color family. I’ll keep that in mind when I do the next pair… and the next… and the next…

I was less successful with Bruce’s Vest. I did work on it all weekend but I’m starting to remember why I put it away in the first place. It’s TEDIOUS! I will not frog it – however tempting it may be. I will also not complain about it every single day. I think that updating you all on how much I hate it is better suited to a weekly occurrence.


Krista said...

I am very jealous of your socks! I am still having a lot of trouble getting it right. Very beautiful!

tonni said...

Ooooh... beautiful socks! Haven't tried this pattern, but will be searching my sock yarn stash for the right color!

margene said...

I must make that sock! I hope you show us pictures next week of the cherry blossoms. They didn't look quite open on the news last night.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, I LOVE those socks...hint hint...erica c.l.

Melissa said...

The socks look great! I'm pretty jealous of you and the cherry blossoms. I bet they were gorgeous!

Elspeth said...

Isn't it scary when you look at socks and go -- hey, I have that yarn! They look great!