Mar 16, 2006

Look Ma - No Holes!

I feel lousy today and it’s my own damn fault. I have horrendous allergies and I always have. I can’t remember a time when the spring didn’t turn me into a sniffling, watery eyed mess. EVER!
When I was growing up my grandfather was pharmacist and he’d always bring me the newest and best allergy meds and tell me just how much a child my age ought to use. Yeah right! I’d pop pills ‘til my eyes stopped itching. There wasn’t 4 milligrams of anything that could put a dent in my allergies. Eight was good but 16 was better.

Anyway, I got older and started taking shots and rotating through all of the heavy prescription allergy meds. Finally I just got tired of being a pincushion. I also realized that I hate being medicated in any way unless it’s absolutely necessary. It seems unhealthy to prophylacticly (sp?) medicate for allergies that aren’t currently bothering me. If I don’t feel stuffy I don’t want to take meds for stuffiness.

This brings me to my current issue. It’s spring again and last weekend I could feel the pollen in my throat so I took a pill. I took them regularly, as I’m supposed to, for a few days. Then I started feeling better and stopped the *unnecessary* meds (no sniffles = no meds, see?) and got slammed with congestion which became a post-nasal drip with alarming speed. So now I’m miserable and it’s all my fault. I really do know better – I JUST HATE TAKING MEDS!

There is one bright spot in my day. It’s this lovely heel on the Embossed Leaves socks. I’m unreasonably proud of it. It’s nice and smooth and tight with no holes where they ought not to be. Sadly the sock has spoken and, though I have loved and caressed it and treated it well, it has told me that it is not destined to be mine. I can’t say who the recipient will be ‘cuz it’s a surprise. Perhaps the next socks will want to stay with me. Perhaps not.


Felicia said...

I love those colors!!!!!

Lolly said...

Such a pretty sock! Love those colors!

Sorry to hear you were slammed by the allergies!