Mar 7, 2006

Six of One...

... and half a dozen of the other. Isn't that how it goes? It does for me. Bear number 2 (no name yet - suggestions?) is a perfect example.Bear in process I have succeeded in eliminating most of the annoying seams and that makes me happier than you can possibly imagine.Unfortuntely, knitting this bear in the round necessitated using the dreaded double point needles and I'm hating that - A LOT!

I think that knitting it in the round also makes the bear a little more pleasing in shape. I have added just a few extra stitches to the feet so that they'll flare a bit but most of the dimensions of the bear remain as written. Because there are fewer stitches consumed by seams it ought to be slightly fuller. Right? Anyway, as you can see, this bear doesn't use any fuzzy yarn but it does have a seed stitch hem on the sweater and a slight cable up the middle. If I do another bear I expect that I'll add a few stitches to the sweater to allow for a little more fun in the cable.

I am also working on a sock right now. I'm doing the Embossed Leaves pattern and I think that I may do this pattern many times. I still think that the color of this yarn is a little funky and I wonder what I was thinking when I bought it but it's growing on me. Can you imagine what this pattern will look like in Seaweed? I may have to try that out.

Right now the pattern is a little hard to see in this picture but I'm sure that blocking will do wonders for it. I have to say though, that I'm really enjoying the sock in this state. It's kind of sculptural.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I went to another craft show last weekend. I have a friend whose husband insists on referring to them as "crap" shows. Hardly unique I'm sure but, in this case, it was fitting. It was so small and there was little to warrant any excitement at all. I bought nothing! That should speak volumes.

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Lolly said...

Your little bear is so cute! You will have a whole band soon ;) and I love those socks. I think it looks very fun in those Project Spectrum colors!

To answer your question - Postcard angels are volunteers who will make a postcard for someone whose pal "flaked" out and did not send them one... hopefully that won't happen this time around, but it is good to be prepared!