Mar 14, 2006

Admitting to the UFO's

Ok, in true librarian form I figured that the best place to start my WIP Wipe Out was an inventory of WIP. Right? So here it is in all it's glory.

  1. Pattern: Lily from Louet Sales WIP - My Cami
    Yarn: Euroflax Linen

    Needles: Addi Turbo US# 0 & 1
    Start Date: Summer 2004

    Why it’s a UFO: I saw the linen yarn on Elann and I had to have it. The pattern was incidental to the yarn purchase but I like it and I think that I’ll enjoy wearing this cami if I ever finish it. I think that I put it aside because it intimidated me a bit. I’m not sure though because it was quite a while ago.

  2. Pattern: Shhhh… it’s a secretWIP - M's Scarf
    Yarn: Elann Peruvian Collection Uros in Arizona Clay
    Needles: Boye US # 10
    Start Date: Fall 2005

    Why it’s a UFO: This is for my brother. I’m less inclined to work on it right now because I’ve got some unresolved issues with him. It's hard to knit for someone who's making you feel badly - ya know? I could probably post pictures and details without any worry that he’d see them but just on the off chance that he checks in I’ll leave the details out.

  3. Pattern: On the Go Vest from Knitter’s (Winter 2001)WIP - B's Vest
    Yarn: Elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in Deep Blue Sea
    Needles: No clue
    Start Date: Winter 2004

    Why it’s a UFO: This is for my DH who has watched patiently for the past 3+ years as many items have left my needles and been distributed among children, nieces, nephews, siblings etc. Yes, I admit, the only things I’ve finished for him so far are hats. The worst part is that about 2 years ago my aunt came to visit and liked the vest so much that she copied the pattern and made one for my uncle. My uncle likes his very much and still my DH waits.

  4. Pattern: Teen’s Top 2 – a freebie from S.R. KertzerWIP - L's Top
    Yarn: Elann Endless Summer Collection Lara
    Needles: No clue
    Start Date: Summer 2005

    Why it’s a UFO: There is no good reason beyond the fact that I didn’t finish it before the season ended. It’s coming out well and it’s still fit the Drama Queen if I finish it this year.

  5. Pattern: Triple-Patterned Watch Cap from Hats On! By Charlene SchurchWIP - L's Hat
    Yarn: Elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool
    Needles: No clue
    Start Date: Winter 2005

    Why it’s a UFO: The Drama Queen wanted a hat so I let her choose a pattern and colors. I started this hat but I couldn’t get past the cuff. It just didn’t make sense to me. Maybe if I take another look at it it’ll make sense. Now that I took it out I can see that it’s come off the needles and will have to be restarted. No worries! I still intend to get it done.

Now that I've written it all down it doesn't sound quite as bad. It almost seems do-able. Of course this doesn't include the felted bag I'm currently making for the school auction or the socks on my needles. Hmmm...

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margene said...

If you love them and want to finish each one then keep knitting. Otherwise you should make a date with the frog pond;-)