Mar 23, 2006

An Experiment

I drove to work today. I’ve been thinking about trying it for weeks because I was told that it’s much less expensive than Metro and that it’s quicker. I could easily believe that it cost less but quicker… I don’t know. D.C. traffic is pretty bad. Anyway, I tried it today and I got here about 10-15 minutes faster. Considering that this is the first try on an unfamiliar route I expect that it would be even faster if I did it more often. It sounds like a win – win situation. Driving is quicker, less expensive and I don’t have to deal with the irritation and frustration that is the essence of Metro. The downside is that I usually knit on Metro and I love that. I’ll have to think on this some more before I commit myself.

So, what was I not knitting on my way to work this morning? Just the same old stuff – Aubergine, Embossed Leaves socks and… drum roll please….Bruce’s Vest! Yup, I’m actually working on it on a regular basis. I was knitting it again last night again and I hope to have the back completed by the end of the weekend. I also think that the EL socks will be completed by Sunday night.

I’m a goals oriented person so I was thinking about my immediate knitting goals yesterday and I realized that I haven’t completed much this month. What’s up with that? It’s true that I did make the 2 bears but I just don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much lately. I think it’s because none of the projects currently underway are really a stretch. The bears were easy, ditto felted bags, and the vest is just endlessly knitting the same pattern with a few increases and decreases thrown in. The socks are not mindless or easy exactly, but after working on them for so long they’re kind of familiar. All this simple knitting is making me itch for something more. Maybe that’s why, even with so much WIP, I still find myself checking out all of my magazines and web sources looking for something exciting to knit. It really makes no sense at all.


Melissa said...

I have a baby blanket, a doggie blanket, a dishcloth, and a 2 pair of socks on the needles, but I'm still looking for more. I get bored too easily I think.
I'm jealous of anyone that can knit on the way to work. I've tried it, but doing that and driving just don't go well together, especially if I add singing to the radio. :)

micah said...

What about my hat and scarf? What's more important — a vest for your husband or a hat and scarf for your dear, loving brother?