Mar 3, 2006

Project Spectrum

I'm a little late posting on this but the picture above was actually taken on Wednesday. This is one of 2 colorful Ralph Lauren shirts that Bruce bought me for Valentines Day. I love the colors even though I'm really not a pink person at all. I'm actually one of those people who's most comfortable in black. I really never thought about it much until a few months ago when Stinkerbelle told me how sorry she was that I was a librarian. Huh? Well, if I wasn't a librarian I wouldn't have to wear black all the time. Ahhhh! Point taken. Since then I've tried to wear more colors. Wearing the pink shirt at the start of the pink and red month - pure serendipity!

It's kind of ironic because I LOVE colors of all kinds. I'm all about color and texture. that's what makes trips to the LYS so wonderful, torturous and expensive - all at the same time! I see a great colorway or some thing shiny or soft and I NEED it!
I need to take it with me so that I can look at it ALL THE TIME. I think that's why I bought Knit Picks Geranium which, as you can see, is on it's way to becoming a sock.I was drawn to the combination of pink and red and brick with just a little green thrown in. I'm a little uncertain now about the green. What do you think? A little Christmassy maybe? I like the pattern so far and the feel of the yarn is so soft. I imagine it on my feet and I just can't wait! I'm not gonna tell you the pattern yet - see if you can figure it out. I will say that it seemed fitting for a yarn called Geranium. Did I give it away?

Anyway, I think that my shirt and the current sock demonstrate that I'm firmly in Project Spectrum mode. There is so much more where that came from too. More red an pink sock yarn and who knows what else.

I need to take a brief moment away from red and pink now to bring you green and a moment of clarification. At left is another picture of the object recently seen here. More than one person asked what it was and I hope that this is clearer. It's a platter that I fell in love with. I love the color (green is a favorite) , the organic shape and the way it catches the light. I see it covered with apples and cheese at my next gathering. Unfortunately the ability to catch the light doesn't make photography terribly successful.

Last but not least is the alien bear. He's not quite finished yet but he's worth presenting. He still needs a scarf and ears might help too. I still hate Polarspun - it feels so good but it's nasty to knit with. Now that I've knit the pattern as written I can play with it a bit on the next bear. There will definitely be less sewing involved!

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