Mar 13, 2006

I See Spots!

Last time I posted it was Friday afternoon and the sun was shining and the birds were singing and I was feeling rather pleased with my parental abilities. Aside from the dead cordless phone it was all good so I made ambitious plans for the weekend.

bike Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. We had various lessons in the morning followed by a quick visit to the craft store (guess who got a ball-winder… woo-hoo!). This was followed by a quick stop at the GS Cookie Depot (wake me when the cookie sale is over) and a visit to Macy’s. The car was pretty well loaded down at this point. Any normal person would’ve gone home and knit but not me. I went bicycle shopping! Yup! With 8 cases of cookies, 3 giant bags from Macy’s and 2 kids in the car I went in search of a new bike for the Drama Queen. I ought to mention that my DH took the family SUV with him on the Great Golf Outing. Thankfully my Pontiac has a very deep trunk and my kids were very cooperative because we found this lovely and very expensive bicycle and took it home with us.

By the time we got home it was about 4:45. Did we rest and knit then? Nope! We went out to dinner and then to a Girl Scout craft marathon at Felicia’s. By the time I got home it was 10:30 and I was really tired so naturally that’s when Stinkerbelle got sick ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE! Why is it that a child who is vomiting can’t stay in one place? Why?

I settled the child down and cleaned up the nastiness (that is soooo Bruce’s job) while panic set in. What if this was the wicked 5 day virus once again appearing in my house? Who’d stay home with the kids? I really can’t. What about all the shit I was supposed to do on Sunday?

Never fear – Stinkerbelle woke up Sunday morning feeling fine and there was no sign of her illness except for little freckle-like dots around her eyes. They were apparently petechia caused by the vomiting. Nothing major but they totally freaked me out. Never-the-less I stayed close to home on Sunday. I watched Stinkerbelle to be certain she was ok and did household stuff that I’d been neglecting.

Sadly the one thing mostly missing from this weekend was knitting. I did break in the new swift and ball winder and they were great – but not much knitting was done. Not to worry, I’ll make up for it this week not that Bruce is home. I also joined the WIP Wipe Out to try to focus on old unfinished projects. I guess that means that if you’re waiting for me to finish something there’s hope!


margene said...

Poor little thing...glad she came through the tummy problems in good shape. SOunds like you are one busy woman!

Marie said...

Don't ya always just panic when it looks like an icky virus is on the hoizon? Its like one of those wildfires around here.....goes from kid to kid and there's nothing you can do. As far as WIPs getting done I'm there with ya. Its my goal for the next 2 weeks while the hubby is out of town.

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought that bike was for YOU and you were going to tell us it was your next plan to learn to knit while riding! How does one stay slim while sittin and knittin? A bike could solve the problem, and we'd be leaner and meaner and knit smaller sizes for ourselves. Ya think I'm onto somthin?