Mar 6, 2006

You can call me Al!

This is Al. As it turns out, he would prefer not to be known as the Alien Bear. He likes Al much better. Ok, Al it is! I think that he may bear (pun intented) more than a passing resemblance to Mr. Bill. What do I know? Anyway, here he is in my backyard. I planned to do a post yesterday morning as part of the field trip and I even took the pictures but my yard is way to gray and uninviting to share right now.

I did see some encouraging signs of life though. Here
are some Tiger Lilies that are just starting to make an appearance. I didn't plant them in my yard but I love them. My backyard has a major slope to it (thankfully away from my house) and this bed of Lilies forms a ridge that is about 2-3 foot in length and 18 inches wide going across the hill. Due to the slope, the yard is mostly unusable and therefore - unkept. But... someday I plan on adding a deck off of the back of the house. I expect that will inspire me to do some yard improvements. Water feature anyone?

This is a picture of
the flowers that are scattered in the lawn in front of my house starting to reach for the sun. They too were planted by the former owner. They had a habit of planting haphazardly and we ripped our most of their efforts within a year of moving in. These flowers remain though because they pop up so early in the Spring and it's always a kick to see the pretty purple flowers peeking out of my nasty lawn. I think they're crocuses but I could totally be wrong.

These are the last discovery that I made yesterday morning. I had put the camera away and was getting in the car to go to the cookie sale when I looked over and saw these cute yellow flowers. Again, I have no idea what they are but a little yellow surprise makes you feel happy. It's sure evidence that Spring is on it's way. Much more reliable than a Groundhog!

Someone noted that the Black Lagoon yarn isn't really that green. Yep! I noticed that too but my dh thinks it is and since he chose it for his Jet socks who am I to complain. It's still a great colorway and he's the one who has to wear it. I originally ordered 4 hanks of Seaweed - now that's GREEN!

The same someone asked if I'm just making socks now. Um, no - I'm just indecisive. I want to do another sweater - goodness knows I have the yarn for it. I just don't know what to make next. I'm overwhelmed by the options. I would love to make more stuff for the girls but... I need inspiration. There is one other possibility... shhhh... a certain linen project has been languishing in the deep dark (oh so dark) recesses of my cabinet for way too long. I'm feeling somwhat emboldened by my success with DFS. Do I dare?

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Anonymous said...

your yellow flowers ARE crocuses, but your purple flowers ARE NOT. The purplies are grape hyacinth.

Like your second bear, the Cable Guy.