Mar 30, 2006

Knitting for Tweens

Aubergine and the Jet Pontoons are moving right along but there’s really no bloggable changes to report. I also don’t have any really great kid stories to relate. What can I say – it was a very boring hump day. The weather was gorgeous. It was so beautiful in fact that I ate lunch outside while I worked on the sock. That still doesn’t really qualify as bloggable news.

What about if I said that it’s been over a week since I bought any yarn? Now that would be bloggable news wouldn’t it? It’s true! I haven’t even bought any needles, notions etc in over a week. I am trying really hard to exercise a little restraint. Have I suddenly become a responsible adult? No. I’m plotting my next (not so secret) move. Yesterday Bruce noticed my countdown to Maryland Sheep & Wool that I tucked in at the bottom of the blog. He was frightened! I, on the other hand, find the counter motivating - it’s only 5 weeks away and I must save up.

I’m also pondering two projects that are not socks. I really want to cast on for Seraphim but I’ve got an idea in my head about the yarn I want to use and, sadly, it doesn’t actually exist. I’m working on that though. I have a plan.

I also saw this in the new VK and I knew immediately that it would be perfect for Lindsey. (sorry about the photo quality)

I find that it’s so hard to find patterns for tweens that are both interesting to knit and age appropriate. There are frilly, yucky, cutesy things. There are boring things. There are things that are nice but inappropriate for school and camp and life in general.

This sweater appeals to both me and her (we agree!). The details are nice (although I question the flower thingy’s) and the construction of the lace piece and how it fits in to the sweater looks like fun. There is just enough challenge to keep it interesting and yet not so much that she’ll grow out of it before I finish. Hooray! I just need to find the right yarn and then I can dive in. I’m thinking of a lavender body with 2 shades of green for the trim. What do you think?


Melissa said...

I like it and think lavendar and green will really work.

margene said...

That's one pattern I really like in the new Vogue. Your ideas are great.

Helen said...

Hmm... I hated the color choices in the one in the magazine... I like the idea of the two trim colors being similar, and contrasting the body (unlike the pic, where one trim color makes no sense at alll).
I'll be interested to see how your concept turns out.