Mar 21, 2006

Snow again... WTF!

It is snowing here today after all. Who knew! Maybe they weren’t guessing after all. Normally this would make me very happy because I love everything about the snow. Really! Today it sux! It’s the first full day of spring and I’m soooo ready for it. I want to sit outside and knit and read and watch my children play.

Oh well, at least the cold outside is appropriate to the WIP that I chose to pick up again as part of the WIP Wipe Out. Last night I knit a few rows of Bruce’s vest for the first time in about a year. It wasn’t bad at all. It’s still kind of mindless but not a bad balance to the socks that I knit on the Metro every day. I have decided not to put it down again until it’s done. That means that right now I’m actively working on a pair of socks, the vest and the aubergine bag. Hmmmm… I sense there may be room for one more active project. Can you say lace?

Yes, I said lace. Specifically – Seraphim. It’s calling me. It needs to be started. Really! I just need to find the right yarn. Naturally I have a perfectly plausible reason why I must do more lace right now. Here it is – I gave away my lovely lace shawl. *gasp*

It’s like this. My trip to New York City was nothing if not full. In addition to the site-seeing and shopping I also had dinner with my in-laws on Saturday night and on Sunday we visited my grandparents in Queens. I brought the shawl to show my grandmother and the more I thought about it, the more I knew that I just had to give it to my grandmother. She tried it on and it was just perfect. Here she is in the shawl. Perfect! Right?

Here’s the thing. I was really planning on wearing that shawl to the Bar Mitzvah in May. Not that I have a dress or anything. I just know that whatever I wear – it will be better with a black shawl. So now I have to find just the right yarn for Seraphim. Any ideas?


Krista said...

The Charlottesville news said we would be getting up to 4" of snow, but all we got was some freezing rain. And I kept the kids home today and everything just in case...what a waste of a day! I really, really want spring!

Dipsy D. said...

Oh yep, the shawl is definitely perfect for your grandmother, it suits her so very well!
Poor you for still having snow - over here it seemed till last week as if winter would never end, but now we have some lovely mild temperatures and the snow is melting with lightning speed! There's still hope for you out there - fungers crossed that you can enjoy some knitting outside in the sun soon!
Have fun, and best wishes from Austria!