Jan 21, 2008

All Over the Place

Wow! This was such a busy weekend. We were really all over the place. It was so good.

IMG_2275On Friday night DQ and her friend R went on a Girl Scout overnight at Dumbarton House which is in Georgetown. I went along as their chaperone. They had a program going on that was focused on the portraits in the house. The girls got to take tours in small groups and the guide would discuss the portraits in each room and what they could tell you about the subject and the life they led.
DQ and R were the oldest girls there and we were also the smallest group but we enjoyed ourselves. It's amazing how much longer your weekend feels when you start your activities on Friday night after work. The only not so great thing about my overnight was sleeping on the floor. Actually I didn't sleep so much. I tossed and turned and went home very achy and sore.
IMG_2282The room that we stayed in was yellow and had the emblems of the different chapters of the national Society of the Colonial Dames of America. That organization is all about historic preservation and Dumbarton House is their headquarters. The yellow walls in the room were also a great backdrop for R to show off the newly completed fingerless gloves that I made for her.

DSC_0159I also took a picture of the completed gloves before I gave them to her. Do you see the little scrap of yarn in the picture with them? That's all that was leftover. Whew! I'm thrilled because the yarn, Andean silk from KP, was leftover from another project. So great that I used up stash scraps.

The pattern was nice but I would adjust it if I made it again. The cable twists when the gloves are on because the thumb is too close to the cable. I also think that the relation of the cables could flow just a bit better. I'm not sure how exactly but I'd definitely love to play with it a bit.

There's so much more to say about this weekend but I feel sick and lousy. My house is also lacking in food because the grocery shppping didn't fit into the weekend plans. I'll tell you more tomorrow. Right now I need food and a nap.

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Mia said...

I love the gardens at Dumbarton. You should go back when the weather is warmer and tour the gardens.

I hope your back is feeling better. Sleeping on the floor is not nice unless you re very young or very tired.