Jan 2, 2008

Grandma's Recipe Box

I nearly had a finished object completed on the very first day of the year. Close, but not quite. I actually have a few things that I finished at the end of last year to share - but not today. Today it's all about recipes.
The other day, Kay asked us all to show you our recipe binders or boxes. My recipes are a mess - a jumble of stuff I print out from the internet, clip from newspapers and magazines, and handwritten pages which are loosely piled in a binder and elsewhere in the bookcase where I keep all of my cooking magazines and books.
DSC_0095Among all of the mess, perched on one of the shelves in my bookcase, is my Grandma Shirley's recipe box. I must admit that I've never used any of the recipes in the box but I love having it there. Kay, check out the recipe I found in the box. It uses sour milk too!
One thing I noted looking through my grandmother's recipe box was the lack of handwriting. Most of the recipes were typed out on little cards that were placed in plastic sleeves. There are also a bunch where she took a clipping from a magazine and attached it to a card. Not much is written out by hand. It's weird because I also have all of her knitting/crocheting stuff and I love all of the handwritten notes in there.
Grandma's cookbooks
These cookbooks were also hers. Can you see the date on the open one? 1947! There are things from her kitchen that I do use. I inherited her cookie sheets and cake pans and, though I have newer ones, hers are the ones I always reach for. They're just better than the new ones. Perhaps the decades of use has seasoned them. Maybe it's some other quality. Whatever the reason, they cook things nice and evenly and they always clean up easier than the other equipment.


Carole Knits said...

I love seeing these posts. I'll be doing this tomorrow.

Carol said...

How very cool. I do believe that certain meals bind us to family over the generations!

Anonymous said...

How old were you when Grandmother Shirley taught you to knit? I sat with my nana and watched her, but she never showed me how. Did you also watch her cook? She was old kinda stay at home woman I bet. Lucky you, to have memories like that. She live with you?