Jan 15, 2008


DSC_0157A week ago I was feeling really troubled because it was looking like Sock Madness 2 wasn't going to happen. Things were kind of quiet and it didn't look like we'd have enough patterns. After lot's of thought and discussion with Carole, we decided to let everyone know the state of things and see what happened. Then I sat back and waited to see what the response was. What followed was a flurry of positive messages and an avalanche of patterns. Whew! I am so relieved.... and overwhelmed. Suddenly there is a huge amount of work to do.
No matter how busy SM2 gets, I'm determined to keep working on the other projects I've started. Above is Sahara. It still looks kind of blob-like but there is a hint of shape. I cannot wait to get to a point where I can start trying it on and visualizing the end result. So far, it's been a pretty uneventful knit. Let's hope that doesn't mean that disaster is looming ahead.

DSC_0156The other thing that I'm working on right now is the current pair of fingerless gloves. These are the Icicle Wristwarmers in KP Andean Silk. Soooo soft! Don't you love the color. It's a deep, rich purple called Hyacinth. I took this picture on Monday. Right now this glove is finished except for the thumb. I hope to have this pair ready for gifting on Friday.

After this I've got one more pair of slippers to make before I turn to a little design work. First there is an idea rattling around in my head for a hat design and I need to work it out. Then I'll get back to fingerless gloves. The Dedos en Fuego that I made for Stinkerbelle last year have gotten lots of use but they're not holding up as well as I'd hoped. The yarn just looks sad and worn. Stinky has been watching me knit and getting big ideas. She'd like an asymmetrical pair of gloves where one represents fire and the other, water. She chose a variegated purpley blue yarn for this version of her gloves. It's time for me too make it work now.


Cursing Mama said...

That purple looks fantastic!

Carol said...

Love your colors! Sahara is going to be a knockout! That's close to top in my queue! And the purple! I look forward to seeing what hat and mitt patterns you come up with :)

Carole Knits said...

I really love those fingerless gloves.