Jan 22, 2008

Too Close

DSC_0156Tonight we attended DQ's chorus concert. There will be one more in the spring but I wasn't the only 6th grade parent commenting on how close the end of their elementary school careers are. We have already reached the midway point in the school year and the report cards for the second semester come home soon.

The concert was wonderful. See how happy DQ was? She positively glowed. She was even on too much of a high to get on my case for knitting at the concert. What was I working on? Socks of course.

IMG_2173You may remember this skein of yarn that I bought a few months ago during the studio tour in Maryland. The yarn is Sock Hop from Dancing Leaf and it has been skeined up and is quickly becoming socks. I would show you the pattern but I can't because it's a secret pattern I'm test knitting for Sock Madness.

DSC_0164I could'nt resist showing it to you though so here's the sole of the sock. Look at all of the colors! I think that Dalis calls the color Carnival but it reminds me of a landscape painting - I can see the blues of the sky and the green leaves on the trees. I can see the terracotta roofs of cottages dotting the countryside. It's weird because I usually find such a variety of colors to be too much but this is working for me.

I was also thinking about Heath Ledger tonight. I cannot believe that he's gone. It seems such a senseless waste. He was a wonderful actor. Of all of his movies, the one that I've seen the most often is A Knights Tale. That is my guilty pleasure and has been for ages. I know it's just fluff but I cannot turn that flick off and it's because of him. Not sure why but there it is.


Carole Knits said...

So how is the test knitting going? I have to admit to not being in love with the one I'm doing. It's working but it's not exciting.

Cursing Mama said...

I'm so glad The Princess stays in the same school building through 8th grade, I could pretend that not so much changes when she went from elementary to middle school. They grow up way too fast.

Carol said...

DQ looks wonderful! Hard to believe how fast they grow into young ladies. Love the peek, waiting to see the finished sock. The loss of Heath boggles the mind. What a tragic loss. And girl, I've had A Knight's Tale on DVD as soon as it was released. All. Time. Favorite. "Let's Daance, you and I".