Jan 21, 2008

Small and Random

Continuing where I left off.
DSC_0160Saturday, I returned home feeling achy and really looking forward to a nice quiet night. Stinkerbelle had a sleep over party to go to so it seemed promising. Of course, getting her ready to go was half the battle because last week, she decided that she really needed a sleeping bag for her Webkin, Anna, too. She had made a red and white pillow for Anna but the sleeping bag that she'd created wasn't making her happy. Naturally she looked to me to create one for her.

DSC_0161I went to the stash, pulled out more of the Cotton Ease that I used recently to make fingerless gloves for DQ's friend, K, and got to work. It was funny on Friday night because people kept asking what I was making but the looks I got when I told them that it was a sleeping bag for a Webkin are best described as confused. They weren't quite sure why I'd want to do such a thing. The only opinion that really matters is Stinkerbelle's and she loves it. After she came home from the party I added a trap so now she can carry Anna around with her. She looks pretty pissed off in the picture but she really loves the result.

Speaking of DQ and her friend K, a funny thing happened Saturday night. DQ invited K to hang out at our house but K misunderstood and wound up sleeping over. It was totally fine with hubbo and I but it was a surprise when K got in her pj's. Hubbo and I just looked at each other and wondered if we were missing something before calling DQ & K in to clarify. It was all good though and Hubbo and I laughed a lot over it.

Sunday, we had special plans. The girls were given tickets to see My Fair Lady at the Kennedy Center by their grandmother so we all went to see the last performance of the run. The girls were a little uncertain about what the show would be but they really enjoyed it. The staging was wonderful, the costumes beautiful, and the singing lovely. DQ enjoyed the songs so much that she wants a copy of the cast recording now.

The Kennedy Center itself is just fabulous. You're not supposed to take pictures inside but they didn't tell me until after I got a few shots including this one of the lighting inside the opera house. It looks like a collection of lacey flowers spread accross the ceiling. Isn't it gorgeous?


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That ceiling is really neat!