Jan 29, 2008

Over Committed

I feel a little like one of those poor, over-programmed kids right now. You know what I mean, the kids with a different activity every day of the week plus five on Saturday. So overwhelmed and yet unable to take a breath and stop for fear of falling behind.

I had such plans for all that I was going to do in January and now it's almost over and I can see exactly how overly ambitious my plans really were. I was going to make a Sahara for myself in time to wear it this weekend. Thankfully I have a closet full og clothes because Sahara isn't ready yet. I'm just starting the waist increases and, as hubbo noted the other night, I haven't made the sleeves yet. Maybe it will be ready to wear to the next event which is 2 weeks away.

Most of what's occupying my time is secret. The mystery hat is moving along but nowhere near ready. I'd love to have it and another pair of gift slippers ready for Valentine's day. That could work. The other secret knitting is test knitting patterns for Sock Madness 2. We wound up with 12 patterns to consider and I've tried out 2 of them so far. Another 5 have been, or are being, tested by Carole, Felicia and volunteers. Of course other aspects of SM2 are occupying my time too. It takes so much to get it all assembled and running smoothly.

DSC_0169The little red baby sweater is making slow progress. It would be nice to get it to the baby while it still fits and since I'm making the 12 month size for a baby that's only about 3 weeks old this seems doable. I love this pattern. Look at the little leaves in the ribbing. Details like that are what makes a pattern really fabulous. I'll need to find the perfect buttons to do it justice.

What I haven't done at all this month is spin. I really want to but right now all I can do is gaze longingly at Charlotte while I sit and knit. One of these nights I'm going to flip out and dive into my fiber stash. It'll probably scare the family when it happens. I'm sure that it'll feel really good though.


Margene said...

We all tend to get over committed at times...take a step back and remember to enjoy what you're doing and not rush through.

Carole Knits said...

I started out strong with spinning at the beginning of the month but now I haven't touched the wheels in a couple of weeks!
What else can I do to help with SM2?

Cursing Mama said...

I know what you mean about being over committed - I can't wait for summer when the school commitments back off and I get a little breathing room with the kids. Maybe then I'll feel like taking up the needles and knitting something worth talking about.

Carol said...

Have a blast! Scare the family! hee hee