Jan 28, 2008

Cars & Kinz

IMG_2296Look what I woke up to on Saturday morning. There was the hum of the buzz saw in the air and men in the trees. My new neighbor wants a deck so he was taking down a bunch of trees, inclucing the 2 you see here. I was both fascinated and saddened.

On the one hand, watching the way the guys move around way up there above the roofs of our houses is a little awe inspiring. the trees would sway this way and that but those guys were unstoppable and so skilled. Unfortunately, they were using those skills to remove 8 gorgeous, old, trees. Those trees are one of the things I loved about out house. The leafy majesty and beautifully textured bark provided a lovely backdrop for out house. Standing in my driveway, transfixed by the activity, I realized that I really an a bit of a tree hugger at heart. I was just so sad. That didn't stop us from having the guys remove one from our front yard though. It wasn't nearly as pretty though and my other neighbor had already hacked off half of it so it really needed to go.

IMG_2298Watching them take down the trees nearly derailed our plans oon Saturday but we finally managed to tear ourselves away and head downtown to the Auto Show.

IMG_2300Predictably, the big news at the show was alternative fuels. There were hybrids of all sizes. There were also hydrogen fuled cars - lot's of those. They were really touting that as the way of the future. There were also electric cars but these were much sexier than those we've seen in the past. Check this Chevy offering out. It's gorgeous even with the plug hanging off the side of it.

IMG_2302I'm still a little over a year away from buying my next car but it was fun to think about it. We checked out lot's of possibilities and eliminated many of them because hubbo's long legs won't fit. DQ was trying to steer me towards sports cars - even though hubbo wouldn't fit and Stinkerbelle is still too little to ride in the front seat. DQ found that very convenient. She'd love to be chauffered around in a cute little 2-seater. As you can see, Hubbo had other things in mind. He liked the big trucks. He can hold that thought for a while. I'm thinking of something cool and comfy that can get out of it's way in a hurry.

IMG_2309We experienced Camp Jeep again. The girls loved it last time so they insisted that we wait on the hour-long line again this year. It was worth it though because it's so much fun. The have an obstacle course set up with water, inclines, and bumpy parts like this series of stumps here. The part that really freaks me out the most is when they take you sideways so that the car feels like it's going to roll over on it's side. It doesn't but for a moment you really think you might.

There was one really down note to our weekend. Stinkerbelle lost Anna, her favorite little stuffed animal. You saw her recently when I made a little pouch/sleeping bag for her. She was in it on Saturday when Stinky lost her somewhere in the Nissan exhibit. We looked everywhere for Anna but she was gone. Stinkerbelle cried like I haven't seen in a long time. like her best friend was gone. I tried to reassure her by saying that some other child probably found her and thought she looked lonely and took her to give her a good home. That worked a little bit but we still called the Auto Show a few times to see if anyone had found her. We also searched high and low to see if any of her siblings might be available for purchase anywher in a 25-50 mile radius. No deals. They have penguin W*bkinz but not Lil'K*inz. Apparently the big ones just aren't the same. We're still hunting.


Carole Knits said...

I have Camp Jeep every day on my way to work. LOL
Sorry about losing the stuffed animal.

Carol said...

Wow! Men grow on trees where you live? How cool. I sure hope SB's Anna shows up, I realize how devastating this can be :(