Jan 25, 2008

My DC - Week 4

It shouldn't be difficult to figure out where this picture was taken. It's the terrace at the Kennedy Center. I would love to go back in the spring. On sunday when we were ther it was wickedly cold out. There appeared to be a large puddle in front of us but we learned otherwise when Hubbo's feet flew out from under him. Ice. Stinkerbelle fell victim to the ice too. I warned her but some people just need to experience it for themselves. DQ was smart and enjoyed the terrace from the comfort of the warmth inside.


Have a great weekend!


Carole Knits said...

Beautiful but watch out for that ice!

Mia said...

I have always wondered how they deal with the winter weather on the terrace. I guess I know now that ice is a major issue. It should be very pretty come spring.

Carol said...

Oooo, That hurts. I remember that happening a lot!