Jan 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


This was my house last night. What you can't share with me are the accompanying giggles, screams and general ruckus. DQ's birthday was kind of low key this year so I told her she could invite a few friends to belatedly celebrate her birthay and the new year. What a night - 5 tween/teen girls and one little sister who was very worried that she was being left out of the fun. It was a little noisy.
Today marks the start of the new year and my blogiversary. Two years! That's way longer than I ever would've expected to stay at this. In honor of both occasions I'm thinking that I'll make a few knitterly prmises rather than resolutions since resolutions are often broken before the words are out of my mouth.
  1. Be good to myself. I enjoy knitting for others but I would love to be a little selfish this year and make a few things for myself. I could use a new scarf, hat, sweaters.... stuff. I'm not abandoning the list of stuff I make for friends and family but I'm going to try not to let myself get lost in the crowd.
  2. Challenge myself. This really means breaking out the Barbara Walker books and graph paper. I was looking through my books the other day for the perfect pattern and hubbo suggested that I just put something together myself. That stopped me dead in my tracks. Who me? He pointed out that I've been knitting a while and I ought to be able to come up with something myself. He's right, I should. I have ideas in my head and I need to get over myself and work some of them out for better or worse.
  3. Reduce the stash. You saw this one coming. The stash has become unmanageable and really needs to be addressed. Besides, how can I buy more yarn if I can't find a place to put it?
  4. Find a name for this blog that feels more like me. I've never felt entirely comfortable with the name of the blog. I'm not knitting for anyone else - I'm knitting for me. I knit for many reasons - for comfort, to feel a connection to the past, to honor my grandmother, to express myself, and just because it makes me happy. I need to find something that expresses me better and reflects me. Any ideas?
  5. Become a better spinner. I need to keep taking classes and use what I learn in classes to inprove the consistency and quality of my spinning.

What are your plans for the year ahead?


knitfriendly said...

Happy New Year! I loved reading your list of goals. I may have to do that as well.... :)

Carole Knits said...

You've already seen my goals and I enjoyed seeing yours. I hope you can find a name for the blog that really reflects YOU.