Jan 4, 2010

Blown Away

Happy New Year to You all and Happy Blogiversary to me. As of last Friday this blog is 4 years old.

It was a wicked cold weekend here. Not just cold but cold with wild winds that shook the house and made you so happy to be inside. It didn't bother me much when we attended a party at a friend's house on New Years Eve. It didn't bother me when I was home in my pjs drinking tea and knitting all day Friday. It didn't even bother me much when I ran out to do an errand or 2 on Saturday. It was all rather lazy and good.

Then on Saturday night reality set in along with panic. I am going to learn to ski in this wind. I hate the cold. I am way too old and out of shape to learn to ski. I am going to die a very cold death on the mountain tomorrow. Insert expletives here. I did.


I am happy to say that I didn't chicken out and hide in the lodge although I fully expected to. I bundled up and took my lesson with DQ and her friend. My legs protested and we all fought hard not to be blown away but at the end of the lesson we proceeded to the lifts... and skied all day long!


Shockingly, I don't suck at skiing! As long as my old, out of shape body stayed upright I did really well. I can turn pretty well, slow myself down well and I only fell twice. Once because someone got in my way so I totally think that wasn't my fault. And the second was when we got overly ambitious and tried a much twistier and longer trail for our last run of the day. That was a mistake.

Both falls had the same result. I needed help getting up. How embarrassing is that? The first time it was DQ and 2 of her friends, all girl scouts, who came to my aid.


I have wanted to go skiing since I was about DQ's age. I am so excited and proud of myself for finally getting out there. Even though I am achy beyond belief and feeling muscles I never felt before - DQ and I want to go again. Not a bad start to the year at all.


Cursing Mama said...

congratulations! I tried skiing once in 6th grade and have never had an interest in going back - maybe this year.

margene said...

Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary!! Congrats on learning to ski, too. I've always been too chicken.

Kathy said...

That's AWESOME! Good job! And Happy New Year!

Carole Knits said...

I think it's awesome that you did this! You went outside your comfort zone and challenged yourself and had FUN. That's a great way to start the year. Happy Blogiversary!

Manise said...

Awesome Hillary! I did this a number of years ago after a 20 year hiatus and it was fun. So how did you do on the chair lift?? That was my downfall- it took some doing not to wipe out and take everyone else out with me getting off the thing. My husband nicknamed me the Black Widow during that trip.

Laurie said...

Oh congratulations! It's the start of a fantastic sport. And happy blogiversary too!

I took a downhill ski lesson so I could get better on my XC skis. Now we do both.

Sarah said...

Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations on learning this new activity.

vtcjan @ yahoo . com said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Is the ski area pictured Bryce?