Jan 15, 2010

ECF - Decorative Grass Edition

I took this picture way back in November of some grasses in front of my grandparents home. Would you believe it's in the middle of Queens, NY?
I was waiting for the right day to use it and, since DH is visiting my grandparents today, this seemed like the right time. I can't explain why but I really love this picture. I hope that you enjoy it too.

Have a great weekend - especially if yours, like mine, will be a long one.


Manise said...

It's the texture and colors that I love about it.

Kathy said...

It's a GREAT picture, thank you!!

Carole Knits said...

That's fantastic. It would be beautiful framed and hanging on the wall.

margene said...

If only I had a long weekend to look forward to. Our trees are covered with ice just like you pictured, but there is no blue sky. TGIF!